Joey Ellis

What to do in the Next Recession

News outlets mention the possibility of a new recession, in part because of Trump’s aggressive trade stance and other factors. Should the recession become reality, here’s what you should know to be prepared and what you can do…

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Joey Ellis

How to Start Your Own Small Business

The risks of setting up a small business scare off some people. In the world of economics it takes money to make money. Despite many hurdles, you don’t have to be rich to create your small business.

Joshua Crump

Putting the “Self” in Self-love

Johnny Self prides himself on styling clothes different than everyone else. He wants his clothing company, Self Supply, to be impactful and have a positive message behind it: To love yourself first.

Alex Schumacher

The People’s Kratom

The opioid epidemic in America continues to spread and nothing seems to resolve its advance. As people develop addictions to opioids, researchers and agricultural investors fight fire with kratom. 

Imani Benjamin

Marriage: An Exposé Beyond the Ring

Though it’s often associated with pretty pebbles and weddings, marriage is a legal contract that promises–and obliges–you more.

James Hunter

I Love LUTHI: “Boogie Circus” Rocks Aisle 5

It’s soundcheck at Atlanta’s Aisle 5—7:12 p.m. foot begins tapping subconsciously to a thumping bassline. Between audio checks the band members on stage chat, cut up and

Joshua Crump

Dating Tips for 2000’s Babes

Drake explained it best in his song, “Doing It Wrong,” that “we live in a generation of not being in love, and not being together. But we sure make it feel like we’re together, ‘cause we’re scared to see each other with somebody else.”

Anime Tropes, Explained

Japanese subculture is no longer a subculture in the U.S., it’s mainstream.
Anime-lovers nerd out, play video games, discuss and show off their cosplay game daily.

Kelsye Hall Turns Fashion Passion into a Career

Not a single shirt or jacket went wasted in her studio. “If I’ve messed up a little, I always figured out a way to make it work,” she said on making mistakes in her creative process. Her ability to make the best of her situation brought her from defeated nights of sewing…

Young Atlanta is much more than just a Fashion Show

Seven years ago Charles Pabai started a company for anyone wanting to express themselves through art, design, music and fashion. Pabai named this company Young Atlanta, and the name is more fitting today than it was seven years ago.

A Conversation with Tuki Carter

It is very rare when one comes across a person that is blessed with not one gift, but several. True artists embrace being unique, and they impact their audience in a multitude of ways: Tuki Carter fits this description perfectly. A unique artist in his own right, Carter resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and holds not one or two distinct titles, but three: rapper, tattoo artist and entrepreneur.

After the Heartbeat (Bill): To Leave or Not to Leave

Republicans and Democrats have been fighting like cats and dogs over abortion rights for years. And once again, Hollywood steps into the fight. The latest in the struggle for abortion rights is the heartbeat bill.


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