Spencer Jason

Seeds of Sound Festival

Jennifer Edouard and Anthony Price held their third annual Georgia-grown music festival, Seeds of Sound. They started this festival with the purpose of uniting people in Atlanta’s local neighborhoods, as well as the music and arts scenes.

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The hope? To achieve engaged citizenry early, because it’s messy out there.


Kiandra Brady

Storks, Porn and Other Lies About Sex

The shit I remember most about high school sex-ed are the incredibly detailed and unnecessarily graphic pictures of yeast infections, genital warts and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Honestly, my teachers made comments that made me never want to have sex… which was, undoubtedly, their goal.

Fardeen Sheikh

The 2019 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum: Education

On November 19th, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation brought experts from the public and private sectors together at the 2019 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum to discuss future policy solutions.

Michael Durr

A Soul Food Review

Atlanta is a hotspot of commerce and culture, and there is no better place where the two intersect than the kitchen. Atlanta has a variety of restaurants, but none are more well known than its soul food establishments.

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ATL E-Scooter Review

Electric scooters offer the convenience of providing a quick ride to your destination that is relatively cheap. However, they do have issues. In any case, we’ve reviewed the best rides.

2A: Local Resources Network

Anyone with the intention of handling or shooting a firearm has a duty to educate him or herself before picking it up. For those curious souls who have never used a firearm, local classes with knowledgeable, certified instructors are a great place to start.

Store Credit Cards: Why You Need to Read the Fine Print

1 in 10 Americans believe they’ll be paying off their debts for the rest of their lives.
In fact, the average American is $123,800 in debt. So let’s examine one of the easiest ways we build debt and ruin our credit scores: store-based credit cards.

The Actual Cost of Free College

Tuition-free college sounds like the solution to the problem of student debt, but these programs don’t take into account how it affects low-income students — or rather how it doesn’t help them at all.


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2nd Amendment Part C: History in Context

Various interpretations of the Second Amendment has created a debate amongst people since the introduction of the Bill of Rights. To understand the context of this debate, knowing the history surrounding the amendment will be helpful.

Forex Plays: Financial Freedom or Scam?

Recent high school and college graduates have found it harder to obtain the same level of success that generations prior have. Higher education costs have skyrocketed since the late 60s and the cost of living increased without adjusting to inflation.

Atlanta United Eats

Video Assistant Gabriel Ossa and I went to the Mercedes-Benz stadium to check out the restaurants. We rated them based on three criteria: taste, bang for the buck and packability (how well you can take the food to your seats without spilling).

How To Become A Freelancer, Part 2: Freelance Taxes

When you’re a freelancer, the IRS considers you self-employed: the employer and the employee. You get to keep everything you earn, aside from the percentage freelance platforms take out of your paycheck.
But how do you calculate everything, if you’re on your own?