Judith Kim

27-year-old Everton Blair talks Education, Locality and his Homecoming

Normally when you interview an elected official, you don’t conduct it in a tiny storage AC room of a community building. Most would even change their minds and cancel the interview–but not 27-year-old Everton Blair. He walked in with an attitude and presence that echoed one of his own inspiration: former President Barack Obama. He smiled, ready to start.

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Joshua Crump

Young Atlanta is much more than just a Fashion Show

Seven years ago Charles Pabai started a company for anyone wanting to express themselves through art, design, music and fashion. Pabai named this company Young Atlanta, and the name is more fitting today than it was seven years ago.

Joshua Crump

A Conversation with Tuki Carter

It is very rare when one comes across a person that is blessed with not one gift, but several. True artists embrace being unique, and they impact their audience in a multitude of ways: Tuki Carter fits this description perfectly. A unique artist in his own right, Carter resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and holds not one or two distinct titles, but three: rapper, tattoo artist and entrepreneur.

Imani Benjamin

After the Heartbeat (Bill): To Leave or Not to Leave

Republicans and Democrats have been fighting like cats and dogs over abortion rights for years. And once again, Hollywood steps into the fight. The latest in the struggle for abortion rights is the heartbeat bill.

Kristin Storck

Inside Look into Irrelevant Music Festival’s 529 Closing Ceremony

Irrelevant Music Festival celebrated its fourth successful anniversary this year. Hosted between two of the hallmarks of the Atlanta music scene: 529 and the EARL, the festival brought together a wide collection of artists from Atlanta locals Material Girls to Baltimore’s Ed Shrader’s Music Beat, all to provide music lovers with a refreshing insight into local art.

Divine Ikpe

How To Do Your First Art Show!

I recently presented my work at the Yes Ma’am art show (Sunday, July 21 at The Bakery). I’ve been following the venue on Instagram for awhile and a few months ago, they put out an open call for artists.

Atlanta: A Hub for Geekdom

Comic books have completely taken over pop culture. Superheroes dominate the big and small screen. Avengers: Endgame was the biggest summer blockbuster of 2019 and Atlanta CW’s Arrow, which ends after season eight, is one of TVs most popular superhero shows.

Plastic Power: Credit Card Guide

Whether you’re about to head off to college or join the workforce, you ought to get a head start in the world of financing. One of the main tools for financial planning is finding the right credit card, with plenty of perks.

Dead & Company: ATL Gifts John Mayer to America’s Rock Band​

Atlanta fosters some of the greatest artists in the world, who go out and share their art with #ATL on their minds. Rock genius John Mayer became part of Atlanta’s list of legends when he won multiple awards for his vocal skills in the early 2000’s.

Resilient Youth Asserts “Homelessness is a verb, not an adjective”

I’ve met and interviewed many who were homeless, but none have been quite like 22-year-old AJ Thomson. We spoke over the phone for about 12 minutes before I stopped and asked if he could come to my home office. He surprisingly agreed. Thirty minutes later, a slender, well-dressed man was at the door.

VS Realm’s Esports with a Purpose

In an unassuming corner of the North Dekalb Mall near Decatur is VS Realm, a modern arcade with big dreams of making an impact in the community and gaming.


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