An Open Letter to My Mom

To My Mommy,

What is a mommy’s love? It’s a homemade meal almost every night, the warm smell of fresh biscuits, made from scratch, wafting from the oven when you get home from school. It’s cinnamon apple slices, baked to a crisp, for small hands to devour. It’s a fruit pizza, baked as a treat for her sweet kids.

A mommy’s love isn’t afraid to say, “no.” It stands its ground against a trifling 3-year-old who is ready to try any existing patience left. It’s a chase and a tackle, a willful hand (or paddle) with a disciplining strike.

It’s a reaction to a smart mouth, a reassuring TV remote to the back of a teenage head.

A mommy’s love is an answer to a phone call in the middle of a busy work day from her kid who just wanted to say “hi,” and chat about nothing important. It’s foregoing those pair of cute, red heels on Amazon to pay for extracurricular activities, or going without something she truly needed in order to buy an expensive instrument and music lessons.

The love of a mommy is a stern lecture on perseverance, an application to graduate school to show her own children it’s possible to make their dreams their reality, daring them to push themselves to be greater and greater still.

Her love is fond stories of your youth. It’s in her loud bouts of laughter when she tells you how much your personality remains the same, that you’re just like her.

My mommy’s love has been all of that and more. Mine is the greatest mommy a girl could ever have.

“I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my mommy you’ll be.”

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy. I love you.

      From Your Punkaleena

Mom and Daughter

Courtesy of Crystal Downs, from Crystal Ann Photography


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