Place of Origin: Potomac, Maryland

      Amanda Funger is a 2018 graduate of New York University, specializing in animated film and television. She is an avid consumer of cartoons – old or new – and a self-proclaimed cat enthusiast. Funger can typically be found in her natural habitat, drinking lots and lots of coffee, drawing and watching a whole lot of YouTube.

What animal would you be, and why?

My namesake: a panda! Pandas are the best combination of an adorable fluff ball, a ferocious predator and an incorrigible glutton, which I find very relatable.

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Stories by this Creator...

Technical College, or nah?

Technical colleges also offer extremely practical and diverse areas of study not available at 4-year universities with degree programs. With flexible scheduling and tuition being economically friendly, it is almost a no-brainer as to why students and families should take a closer look at a technical college.

Seeds of Sound Festival

Jennifer Edouard and Anthony Price held their third annual Georgia-grown music festival, Seeds of Sound. They started this festival with the purpose of uniting people in Atlanta’s local neighborhoods, as well as the music and arts scenes.