Aquarius 2020 Horoscope (January 22 – February 20)

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Aquarius 2020 Horoscope
(January 22 - February 20)

Nicole Colon-Rivera | Avant-Youth
Nicole Colon-Rivera | Avant-Youth

Capricorn season is coming to a close and Aquarius is almost on us. If last season finally saw you getting organized for the new year, prepare to get weird. The air sign is all about communication and relationships, the ones you have with your friends and yourself. 

Aquarius is an eccentric sign too. While you’re taking the time to work on communicating with your intuition and your friends, don’t shy away from exploring whatever unusual things might come your way. To help guide you through this month, we’ve pulled a few tarot cards to help you get a read on the next few weeks. 


Eight of Cups | Six of Swords | Queen of Swords

You’re the leader of the pack and a type-A personality that gets stuff done – but this month might be time to pump the brakes. The beginning of the year is always a confusing time of transitions and the arrival of new opportunities. It might feel overwhelming with all these options pulling you in different directions. Take a moment to evaluate your game plan and figure out what’s holding you back. And before you rush off, think a little before your next big decision. 


High Priestess | Ace of Cups | Three of Swords

Down to Earth, focused, and dependable you might be the mom friend of your group. Change doesn’t necessarily come easy to your stable, no-stress life, but this is a season of self-reflection. Taking the time to listen to your inner voice is just the first step to getting the jump on the opportunities this season has in store. Don’t be afraid of the trouble that will come with these changes. The future has good things in store for you. 


Ten of Cups | Queen of Pentacles | The Chariot

You’re the social butterfly of your group, ready to try new things and meet new people. Nothing can get in the way of your curiosity. As much as you try to treat everyone in your friend group like one big happy family – it isn’t working. It might be time to evaluate those close to you. Watch out for the egotistical members of your group that might be holding you down. You may love them, but you are your priority. Keep focus and confidence. This season might throw some hardballs but it’s nothing you won’t get over. 

Gemini cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Wheel of Fortune | Knight of Wands | Ten of Wands

You’re the sign with a heart of gold. You might have developed a shell to protect you from the world but that doesn’t mean your heart is completely safe from harm. Last season may have been safe and secure but it’s time to get ready for chaos. This season you may have to accept that things are going to be out of your control so the best thing to do is wait it out until you get on top again. Be a little wary of the success or triumph that comes after this time of stress. Your newfound success will surely come with a host of responsibilities that might overwhelm you. This might not be your season now but take a breath, center yourself and start preparing for when it is. 


Eight of Cups | The Sun | Page of Pentacles

You might be the true center of your friend group; charismatic, friendly, and planning the next weekend outing. The beginning of the year might have you a little confused on how you’re going to tackle next month. The important thing is to not let yourself get caught in limbo! Take it slow if you need to but don’t put off getting your bearings straight or you’ll be lost for the rest of this season. It might hurt your pride a little but don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Your friends are more than willing to help! It might feel like a burden but two or maybe five heads are better at solving problems than one. 


Six of Swords | Five of Pentacles | The Hanged Man

You’re like a lake – calm on the surface but a frenzy of activity just below the surface. This season you should start looking to the future for success. You may be going through a tough change at the beginning of the year, but it might be for the best. It may feel like bad luck has dogged you from last year or last season. But that might be from a bad habit you just haven’t kicked in the New Year. Take this time to look at yourself and reflect on what you can improve for the next season. 

Virgo cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


The Magician | Strength | Four of Cups

Some might see you as a worrier, but they can’t see that you simply like to weigh your options before making the best choice. This season you’re tapping into your full potential. The choices and decisions you weighed and deliberated on have put you in a position of power that will benefit you soon enough. But just because you’ve got the juice doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing from here on out. There’s fear and distress in your cards but don’t let that get you down. You may like to logic your way out of trouble but take time to smell the roses and see the beauty in the world before giving in to despair and confusion. 


Two of Pentacles | Four of Cups | Queen of Wands

You’re the type to enjoy who knows how to enjoy a good book and quiet space. You don’t hate company but some days (everyday) you can do without it. This season it’d be best if you took a little time to yourself. You may like being alone and recharging your batteries but in this Aquarian season you’ll need to step up, seize the day, and smile at someone. It might be against your Scorpio nature, but you still need human contact. The energy you’re putting into this season might be going to a project that’ll finally get done or into intensely focusing on that special someone in your life. 


Page of Pentacles | Page of Swords | Four of Wands

Curiosity and boredom drive you to explore the world and discover its secrets. Meeting a few new people along the way adds to the excitement of exploration. The beginning of the year may have brought the other signs of patience but you’re ready to go. You’ve gotten in touch with the earth and focused on your responsibilities, which with a few friends, you’ll conquer the world. While you’re conquering the world, don’t forget to use maturity and empathy. It’s your signs prerogative to understand everything around you but not looking where or how you step will close a lot of doors. Keep on keeping on and this season will be a major success. 


King of Swords | Ace of Swords | Three of Cups

You might be the tightly wound friend in your group, but you know what you want and how to get it. This season you’re going to have to clean up your act and make good decisions. Thinking with your head is going to be important with the major breakthrough that’s coming your way. It might be in your finances, your job or your personal life. Be sure to keep your head on straight to enjoy the rewards coming your way. 


Knight of Cups | The Emperor | Four of Cups

You’re the sign known for being two sides of the same coin, empathetic and deeply in touch with your emotions and the bright center of the party. Empathy and emotion are important to your season and your sign is thriving! Heart is at the center of this season. Pay attention to your inner voice and your emotions when you start making decisions. 

Aquarius cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth

It’ll be important to righting a wrong in your life, one that has seriously upset the power balance in one of your relationships. Don’t let this get you down. Take the quiet moments you have to rest, take a breath, and let yourself heal from the stress of this upset.


The Devil | Ace of Swords | The Hanged Man

Your sign is a dreamer, interested in making the fanciful reality or just imagining what could be. Those dreams come with sensitivity that needs plenty of room to grow. This is the season of freedom. You’ve broken free of last season’s oppression; an unhealthy relationship, an addiction, a negative way of thinking, and now you’re free. This freedom comes with a feeling of trepidation, but a moment of clarity is coming that will blast away the blues. In this season of freedom, be careful not to sink your time or energy into useless projects or make unnecessary sacrifices. You might have your freedom now but you’ll have to keep sharp to make sure it doesn’t get snatched away again.

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