Aries 2019 Horoscope (March 21 – April 19)

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Aries 2019 Horoscope


The daring Ram is experiencing vulnerability and forgiveness this month as Venus enters your 12th house for a majority of the month. You’ll feel as if you are reborn in April, and your stamina and mental energy will be at an all time high. As you concentrate on your business and professional endeavors, do not forget to spend time with family and friends.


This month Taurus should invest in their social life, whether it be spending time with loved ones or involving yourself in group work and volunteer work. In April, after Mercury has left retrograde, you will be experiencing stress and anxiety in the aftermath of your tempestuous March. Take time for some self-love and revitalization.


Mercury in retrograde always creates tension in the lives of Geminis. As Mercury exits retrograde and Jupiter enters retrograde, take time to concentrate on your romantic relationships; look for new beginnings and opportunities to strengthen current connections. You start April full of energy, so take the chance to pursue jobs and business endeavors. Keep a check on your impatience and aggression and give yourself time to relax.


You’re looking for new opportunities and new beginnings. This month is riddled with inner turmoil, so take the time to use coping methods such as healthy eating and exercising, but be prepared for minor illnesses. Arrange for some downtime and keep your mind concentrated on the big picture. Cancers also needs to be aware of changes in your romantic sector. You’ll need to work hard on your relationship and need to insure that boundaries are in place to guarantee your partner doesn’t overwhelm you.


Your relationships are going to be more rewarding than usual, so put effort into reciprocating those benefits. You may face some frustration regarding money and career don’t let it get you down! Lean on your support system in this time, and allow others to help you. In conflict, focus on compromising and peaceful agreements.


Now is a great time for peacemaking. You’re feeling understanding during this time, so work to see both sides of the story when making decisions. You may find trouble feeling understood. It’s important that you take extra time to communicate your thoughts and feelings.


This is a season of balance and peace. Expect consistency and success when you put your best foot forward. You’ll find solace in improving your work and health practices. However, you may lack self control or discipline, so focus on reigning in your thoughts and make your intentions clear. No distractions; Get back to work!


Scorpios are kicking off this season with Mercury in Retrograde, which can make things rocky for you. You may be feeling uneasy or flightytry and control your impulses and resist the need for approval. Take advantage of your creative nature and channel your frustrations into self expression.


Now is a good time for you to lean into your domestic side. Venus has moved into your heart and home, just as Mercury is leaving retrograde. Give in to your need for nesting and curating your environment. It’ll affect your mood greatly. Find reassurance and support through family and close friends. Connection to your loved ones is vital to your happiness.


Your confidence and perception of self is at a peak until April 20th. Now is a good time to advance your social life. Get out of your comfort zone and focus on networking outside of your normal circle. This can leave you open to panic and negativity, so find the things that keep you grounded and surround yourself with things that can bring you comfort in the midst of all the newness.


This is a prosperous time for you, and you may encounter financial blessings in the form of gifts or a salary raise. Be cautious with your resources, but also take this time to think about your comfort and luxury. Now is a good time to invest in things that will last. In this comfort, your affections will be steady and fulfilling. This is a lighthearted time, and forgiveness is flowingmake amends!


With Mercury leaving retrograde, your thoughts and plans will become clearer. You are likely to attract more attention with your radiant positivity and grace. You may be inclined to treat yourself during this timeand it’s encouraged! The freedom of your feelings and comfort in your own skin make you a wonderful friend to lean on, so check on your loved ones and see if anyone needs your support..


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