Betty Who and Loote The Band Take Variety Playhouse

Betty Who headlined Variety Playhouse in Atlanta on Friday night with Loote the Band. Together they brought a beautiful stage setup, two strapping backup dancers, and an unmatched liveliness–despite this being their fourth night performing, in a row.

Betty Who headlining Variety Playhouse in Little Five Points, Atlanta.
Diana Ward | Avant-Youth

Loote was not exactly a crowd favorite. With an awkward stage presence, like that of a band who’s not used to performing, the duo were out of sync with one another. As the band told the audience, they are far more experienced with writing songs for other artists, and had just begun to play shows themselves.

Diana Ward | Avant-Youth
Loote The Band opening for Betty Who at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta.

While the opening act held a static energy, the concert as a whole was an enjoyable experience.

Betty attracts a mostly queer fanbase because of her own identity as well as her advocacy for the LGBTQ community. Being at the show as a queer person, I felt a refreshing sense of community similar to that of a Pride party.

Along with her close vicinity to queer people, Betty’s music is centered around acceptance and self-love. Her confidence is contagious, and encourages others to be loud and proud.

The crowd responded vibrantly as Betty Who played into their energy and interacted with them throughout her set. Her high-tempo classic-pop sound incites dancing, which meshed well with her perfectly executed flirtatious choreography.

Both the immense amount of people and the thundering volume at which the audience sang along floored Betty. While talking to the audience between songs, Betty admitted that she was initially wary of the venue’s size… However, her fans proved her concern to be wrong.

In total, the show ran for two and a half hours, but that didn’t stop the chants and cries for more as Betty left the stage. She began her set with a collection of songs from her new self-titled album. When she returned for her encore, she played two of her most anticipated classics: “Mama Say” and “I Love You, Always Forever.” The building shook for the last ten minutes of the show, and the response she got was well-deserved for her performance.

Betty Who has it all: incredible vocals [even when acting out strenuous choreography], a personality and stage presence to die for, and a committed love for her fans. Women like Betty Who are rewriting the standard for pop music.

Betty Who interacting with fans during her set. Diana Ward | Avant-Youth

Betty Who performing a slow song (L) and a highly choreographed closing number (R) at Variety Playhouse. Diana Ward | Avant-Youth


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