Cancer 2020 Horoscope (June 21 – July 22)

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Cancer 2020 Horoscope (June 21 - July 22)

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Following Gemini, the sign of excitement and discovery is Cancer. The Crab, the seventh sign of the Zodiac, is all about security, compassion and unconditional love. Maintaining relationships between friends, lovers and family is this sign’s priority. 

After the adventure that Gemini brought, think of Cancer as a return to home, something familiar and safe. Under this sign, take the time to check up on family, friends and everyone else close to your heart.  


Strength | Page of Cups | Ten of Cups 

Be prepared to dig your heels in and fight for what’s yours. Cancer is sending trouble your way. It’s up to you, the Ram, to be a source of calm in this time of confusion. You’re going to be a lot of people’s rock, but you can’t be that if you lose the drive that pushes you to help others. Take time to work through your emotions and insecurities. You won’t be the only person benefiting from your newfound emotional balance. Your strength will help others out of their own dark places.  

Aries tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Two of Swords | Five of Cups | Three of Cups 

Whatever the question you have, there’s no right answer. Your messes in Gemini are following you in the form of information overload and general confusion. Not to say this is all your fault, but this should be the season of examining the things that give you grief and letting them go. Turn this unfortunate time into a learning experience but don’t do it on your own. It may feel like you have to hunker down and fix things by yourself. Let your friends share the burden with you and turn dark days bright.


The Tower | Knight of Pentacles | Ten of Pentacles

You’ve tried your best to avoid trouble and it doesn’t seem to be working. Although you might be trying your best to avoid dealing with your issues, that won’t work forever. It may feel like everything is crumbling around you, but trying to fix everything around you isn’t going to stop that from happening. Take a break and breath. You won’t be able to save the world if you haven’t gotten any sleep. Remember, this is just a temporary, much-needed pause before you continue into greatness before you continue into Leo.


The Lovers | King of Wands | Four of Cups 

Gemini was a megaphone that showed you what you needed to fix. Now that you’ve checked all your problem boxes, this season looks to be perfectly balanced. Although it feels like smooth sailing, you can still mess it up. Think before you do anything. Even though this is your time to shine, you can capsize your party boat. Common sense can be spectacularly uncommon sometimes, so make sure to keep it at hand because it might show you paths you never considered before. 

Cancer tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


The Tower | Nine of Swords | Three of Swords 

You were about to let something go in Gemini, but it’s still clinging to you like a bad smell.  Or you might be clinging to it like a koala, but the forest is on fire and it’s time to GTFO. This time around, recruit close friends to help you with the problems you’re facing. Two minds are better than one for coming up with new ideas for any kind of problem. Two minds, even three, can help you get out of this rut and put you in a much better place to succeed.  


Knight of Swords | Seven of Wands | The Hanged Man

The road to success isn’t easy, and trying to rush it does nothing to help your progress. Sure, Gemini may have been a little boring with all the self-introspection, but running into Cancer balls to the wall with no plans is going to get you nowhere – except for more problems than you know how to deal with. One of them is making more enemies than friends when the going is already tough. Stop and think about what you’re going to do next. Quick decisions are likely to make your problems worse. 


The World | Eight of Wands | The High Priestess

Seasons work like cycles, constantly doling out good and bad luck with every turn. You’re approaching the end of a cycle, but it feels like something’s missing. The imbalance is causing misunderstandings in all aspects of your life. If it feels like your life is descending into chaos, you need to find the source of it. It might feel backward, but the key to finishing up this cycle is sitting still. The answer to your problems may lie in you, so make some time for introspection and finding out the source of your problems.

Libra tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Nine of Wands | Ten of Pentacles | King of Cups

If it feels like the odds aren’t in your favor, then you might be right. Whether you’re struggling under a mountain of work or giving someone more than they’re giving back, you need to find your balance. The foundations that your life is built on are getting shaky. Your strongest relationships are being put to the test, and you need to work to make sure they stay strong. You need all the help you can get. Although this is a time where you might be at your worst, don’t be selfish. You’re going to have plenty of shoulders to cry on, but be considerate of those who lend an ear in your time of need.  


Judgement | The Sun | Ace of Cups 

What sparks joy in your life? It might be time to examine your priorities and the way you go about pursuing them. You may have caught yourself in a web of confusion that’s making life difficult. It might seem like a huge issue, but what you’re experiencing is likely a temporary problem. A positive outlook may be difficult. There are still good things all around you, as long as you’re willing to look for them. Remember, this frustrating part of life is just a phase. Things may feel somber and you might be frustrated but, as long as you work for it, there’s a brighter day ahead.


Five of Wands | King of Swords | King of Cups

There are some major problems coming your way and dodging them will probably make your situation worse. It might be a friendly competition or a not so friendly fight but either way, you’ll have to take the first step to clear the air and set things right. Just because there’s a lot on your plate doesn’t give you the go-ahead to act crazy. You’re not the only one having a bad time. Lashing out doesn’t fix anyone’s problems. During this time of confusion, you’re going to have to find balance and iron out all the conflict you’re facing.

Capricorn tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Wheel of Fortune | Four of Cups | Ace of Wands 

Life is like a box of chocolates and you may have pulled one of the bad flavors. You’ll get the bad taste out your mouth eventually, but trying too hard might make things worse. It may be best to relax just a little and let life run its course. It may not feel like it, but now is probably the best time to find something that makes you happy.  Instead of focusing your energy on fighting life, find something that makes you happy, and bring your spirits up.  


Three of Swords | The Devil | The Tower 

This is a time for healing and solving conflicts. Although it may be slow going, a brighter future is on the horizon. You’ll definitely be in the mood to party once everything starts to get better. But don’t overdo it. 

Sure, fun is –well – fun, but after a rough patch, it may be easy to go overboard. Don’t let loose just yet. There’s still trouble in your cards. Avoiding your problems and resisting change may make your situation worse. Face whatever problems coming your way head-on, and accept the changes coming in your life. 

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