Corrections and Clarifications


Avant-Youth is committed to accuracy in its reporting and welcomes information about errors or omissions that warrant correction or clarification.

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A March 4, 2020 story by Joshua Crump, “An Artist Portrait: R&B Singer Steffany Moneque,” incorrectly stated the musical group that records at Paperboy Studios was “Eye Club”; the current version has been updated to reflect the correct, “iClub.” 

A November 25, 2019 story by Megan Binkley, “Zebbler Encanti Experience takes over ATL on the Trance End Tour” incorrectly stated that Zebbler Encanti Experience used “Zebblertron” to control their visual lights and that Ben Encanti was an educator in Valencia, CA; the current version has been changed to reflect that ZEE uses “Resolume” to control their visuals and Encanti is an educator in Valencia, Spain. 

An August 3, 2019 article by Imani Benjamin, “After the Heartbeat (Bill): To Leave or Not to Leave?” incorrectly stated that House Bill 481 criminalized abortions at six weeks; the article has been updated to reflect the fact that HB 481 criminalizes abortion after the first detection of cardiac activity.

July 19, 2019 story by Imani Benjamin, “Atlanta: A Hub for Geekdom,” incorrectly stated Travaris Moorman’s name as Morris. It has since been adjusted.