Day-to-Day coverage of the Black Lives Matter
Protests in Atlanta

Ever since May 29, when someone broke a window of the CNN Center building, Georgia has seen pockets of #BlackLivesMatter protests all throughout the state, though most have been concentrated in the capitol of Atlanta.

Almost immediately, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms implemented a 9 p.m. curfew and, with the help of Governor Brian Kemp, deployed the National Guard.

Given our stance within the larger issue at hand, we’ve been hitting the streets every day to capture the movement at its highest. From May 30 to June 8 (when Governor Kemp pulled the National Guard), we captured the protests progression, as well as the sentiment of the people.

DAY 2: May 30

A protester hoists up a sign on her walker, condemning the police force late Saturday night in Centennial Olympic Park. Hagen McMenemy | Avant-Youth
Atlanta Police Department (APD), first responders and the National Guard form a barricade on the corner of Marietta and Centennial Olympic Park. Hagen McMenemy | Avant-Youth

DAY 5: June 2

Ground zero of the Atlanta protest.
Hagen McMenemy | Avant-Youth
Protesters show their respect for Breonna Taylor on her birthday.
Hagen McMenemy | Avant-Youth

DAY 8: June 5
Breonna Taylor's 27th Birthday

A lone birthday balloon to celebrate what would've been Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday on June 5. Taylor was slain during a wrongful drug raid executed on a no-knock warrant.
Judith Y. Kim | Avant-Youth
A demonstrator holds up a sign to commemorate the birthday of Breonna Taylor, a victim of an unjust killing when Louisville police officers executed a no-knock warrant for a drug raid. There were no drugs found in or around Taylor's apartment.
Hagen McMenemy | Avant-Youth

DAY 9: June 6

After Day 8 went by without any arrests, Mayor Bottoms decides to lift the curfew on Saturday, June 6.

During the day, there were many peaceful protests throughout the city, one of which was organized by health care workers. Nurses, administrative staff, med students and doctors alike gathered nearby Grady Memorial to march to Centennial Olympic Park.

DAY 10: June 7

DAY 11: June 8

The calm before a torrential downpour in downtown Atlanta.
Judith Y. Kim | Avant-Youth

By the second Monday night, the city had grown quiet. The National Guard was heading out, and the once-crowded streets stared blankly back into the night. Around 9:50 p.m., it began to rain heavily, washing out any debris left behind.

Breanna from Kennesaw State University and her friend Chris (L, bucket hat) waited to meet their friends at the intersection of Andrew Young Boulevard and Marietta Street. About 5 minutes after this photo was taken at 9:16 p.m., they decided to call it a night and head home.
Judith Y. Kim | Avant-Youth
Originally from New York, 40-something-old Humza Shakir dries off under the Georgia World Congress Center after a day of biking around and cheering on BLM protesters.
Judith Y. Kim | Avant-Youth

In light of the recent shooting and death of Rayshard Brooks this past Saturday, as well as another Black man in Newnan yesterday, however, we don’t see Atlanta resting any time soon.

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Mayor Bottoms’s Inaction At Heart of BLM Protesters Concerns in Atlanta • Avant-Youth · June 27, 2020 at 11:49 pm

[…] and violence have seemingly been stemmed, but the frustrations remain, if not grown. The protests continue and saw renewed vigor when police killed Rayshard Brooks at the Wendy’s on University […]

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