Fire on the Mountain

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Fire on the Mountain

This story contains major spoilers through the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

Shock and awe plagued Westeros this past weekend. Everyone’s favorite character Daenerys Targaryen finally lost her marbles and experienced an adverse character metamorphosis. The show’s psychopathic fans can relax (or not) as many beloved characters died.

The realm lost its biggest defender as Varys gossiped about how Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Back when Varys first joined the ranks of Dany’s counsel, he promised her that he would let her know if he catches her slipping. Dany promised in turn that he’d be roasted by her dragons if he ever betrayed her.

But who did Varys really have to warn? All the power players in Westeros are dead, nobody in Essos cares, which leaves no one but Jon to rally against Dany and her dragon –except he rejects the throne.

Everything went according to plan for Jon and the good guys until Dany set the tone for chaos, laying waste to King’s Landing with Drogon. At that moment, Grey Worm dropped the good-guy act and turned the surrendered Lannister soldiers into kabobs. Jon’s men shockingly followed suit and lost all control, rendering his visit futile while slapping a nuisance to the locals.

Arya’s journey to the Capital was for naught as well. She basically escorted the Hound to the Red Keep, turned around and barely escaped the city with her life. But like a phoenix, she rose from the city’s ashes, ready to kill another murderous tyrant.

Above the sea of flames and screams, the Cleganes settled their unfinished business. Dubbed “The Clegane Bowl” by many fans, the scuffle between Sandor and Gregor Clegane ended in a draw as Sandor koala-gripped Gregor and hurled both of them off the tower. Sandor fulfilled his self-given destiny to kill his demon-turned, apathetic brother, who charred his face during his childhood.

Sunday’s episode left grim futures for the three remaining Lannisters. Tyrion repaid the favor to Jaime’s dumb ass by freeing him from captivity. In return for his release, Jaime was supposed to tell Cersei that she needs to surrender the city if she and her unborn child are to survive.

This storyline came to an unsavory end as Jaime met the bombastic resistance of Euron Greyjoy. They exchanged some blows, but Jaime walked away victorious, only to be smothered with Cersei by rubble.

In Dany’s mental state, she’ll have Tyrion killed when she discovers that he freed Jaime above her authority. Tyrion knew he was on thin ice with Ms. Fire and Blood, but he did what he thought was right for the greater good of the realm and his family.

We finally saw Cersei exude the most human side of her character since Joffrey died. We watched her weep with fear for her unborn child, as she and Jaime faced imminent death while trying to escape the city.

After seasons of atrocious violent acts and deceit, Cersei may finally be toast. And yet, justice doesn’t feel quite complete. Many of us hoped for a sadistic, slow exit than a cut-off shot of her getting buried alive with a character [Jaime] who grew on us over time.

Recall episode 10 of season two in the House of the Undying. The creepy warlock takes Dany on a trip where he locks her in a prophetic illusion, showing the throne room of King’s Landing destroyed in a veil of falling ashes.

Like Aemon Targaryan said in episode five of season five, “a Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible thing.” Dany relied heavily on her closest friends and advisors (Jorah, Messandei, Barristan), to tell her exactly what she wanted and needed to hear. And with Jon not reciprocating the love that she shows him, she can’t help but fall apart.

This was the vilifying breakaway for Dany that the show sneakily lead up to.

Despite Bran’s lack of appearance in this episode, his words echo to the end: “Chaos is a ladder.” Well, we’ve climbed this ladder for almost a decade, and now there’s only one way down.


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