Gemini 2020 Horoscope (May 21 – June 21)

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Gemini 2020 Horoscope

(May 21 - June 21)

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Following conservative Taurus is Gemini, the social butterfly of the Zodiac. Now that you’ve got your foundations settled, it’s time to explore what the world has to offer you into June. 

Nothing is ever boring under Gemini’s sign! It’s likely to bring highs and lows and more than a helping of adventure. But remember: Like all signs of the zodiac, Gemini is sure to bring change in your life. All the new things you’ll experience will benefit you in the long run. 


Ten of Wands | Justice | The Fool

In the past your fortunes may not have been the best. Gemini might bring balance to your life. After wading through the strife and struggle of past seasons, your perseverance has been rewarded. Don’t let this first taste of success cloud your vision. 

Despite your achievements, you now have a new set of responsibilities demanding your attention. Gemini might be dropping a dump truck worth of issues on you right now. You might be in the process of making some important decisions. What path you decide to take may see you rolling into Cancer on a high or a low. 

Although Gemini is sending new responsibilities your way, it looks like you’re on a path to a brand-new start. No matter what this season might bring you, stay prepared and optimistic for the start of a journey.


King of Pentacles | The Magician | Six of Wands

Taurus brought conflict into your house disturbing the positivity and good fortune of Aries. You might be able to force your fortunes back on the right path in Gemini. It’s time to tap into your full potential. Keep control of your life and put your absolute all towards your future endeavors and your fortunes will fall in line. 

After a messy Taurus season, you might be feeling down with deflated confidence. Don’t let that negative energy follow you into Gemini. Your fortunes can only improve when you believe in yourself. 


Eight of Wands | Page of Pentacles | Page of Cups

Whatever mess Taurus brought to darken your doorstep is moving on to bother someone else. Now you can get to the important business of receiving your seasonal glow-up, and although  it looks to be filled with blessings, don’t let yourself get distracted. If you need a break, take a break. 

Refresh your mind and focus on your next project.  As you go into this season and the next, don’t let challenges get in your way. Tackle them head-on and take inspiration from everything around you to solve your problems.

Gemini tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


The World | Three of Cups | King of Wands

After what might’ve been a bit of stressful Taurus May, Gemini looks to be smoother sailing. The answer to whatever problems arose last season are abundantly clear in Gemini, and it’s bringing completion to your life. Your social life is going to be a major focus. 

Although you’ve found success, it may have come at the cost of isolating yourself from friends and the outside world. Take time to try and reconnect with those you may have fallen out of touch with. While it looks to be a great Gemini season, don’t let it stop here. 


Four of Pentacles | Ace of Pentacles | The Hanged Man

Aries lingering trouble has completely left you. Gemini is a time of stability and growth after the unease of Taurus. Now that you’ve got both feet on the ground and your head screwed on right, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunities headed your way. 

It looks like you’re set to gain a lot this season. But you’re also set to letting something go. As the new comes in, it’s time to let the old – clothes, people or ideas – go. You’ll be walking into Cancer a few pounds lighter.


Page of Swords | The Sun | Page of Wands

Taurus sent dark clouds to your doorsteps last season. You spent a lot of time internally reflecting throughout it, too. Now it’s time to put what you learned to use. Go out and explore the world and all its offerings. 

There may be some negativity lingering from the last two seasons. While introspection is important, Gemini’s focus should be on what makes you happy. Whether that’s hanging out with friends or focusing on a new project, pursue your best self. Don’t waste your energy going in several different directions at once and roll into Cancer with purpose. 

Virgo tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Five of Pentacles | Queen of Wands | Seven of Pentacles

Although Taurus was a good season, it looks like hardship is on the horizon this Gemini. There’s not a single problem, per se, but a whole host of problems headed your way. It seems guaranteed that Gemini is going to be riddled with struggle and isolation. Don’t let that get you down. 

Combat the approaching struggle by holding on to what brings you joy and passion. The road to Cancer may look rough, but you may be able to smooth it out through hard work and the absolute refusal to let this season get you down. 


Queen of Wands | The Hierophant | Ace of Swords

Taurus may have given you a few reasons to celebrate, but Gemini is coming as a reminder to live a little. Last season’s potential roughness has made you selfish and closed off. 

Gemini is calling for a return to something familiar to bring back feelings of normalcy. While you search for that, this season is definitely going to feel overwhelming and confusing. Find a project to focus on, so Gemini doesn’t drag you down. 


Ace of Swords | Judgement | The Empress

You’ve made the choice Taurus presented you and now you’re reaping the benefits of a good decision. Whether the result is a breakthrough with a difficult problem or clarification on something problematic, you’ve gotten the answer you needed. Although this month is full of revelations, you should take the time to look inwards. 

It can be about anything that might need solving in your life or interesting thoughts you just want to explore. Maybe look into meditation. But don’t isolate yourself. Even though it’ll be important to look inwards, don’t cut yourself off or force your new yogi status on other people. Take this season easy and look to yourself.

Sagittarius tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Ace of Cups | Queen of Pentacles | Five of Wands

Taurus may have been nice, but Gemini is watching all those good things come to an end. Whatever decisions you may have made in the last season haven’t turned out to be that great. As a result, you’ve found yourself without a clear focus for anything. 

It may have been a little bit your fault and now you’re looking at others and getting jealous of their successes. Take time in Gemini to work on improving your fortunes and not avoiding whatever conflicts come your way. 


Nine of Cups | Five of Cups | The Magician

Taurus wasn’t all that good to you and some of those problems have rolled into Gemini. You might be feeling a little listless or unfocused during this time. Don’t let that set in. Though you may be mourning the loss of an opportunity or feeling the disappointment of a poor decision, you have to stay positive. 

For now, pay attention to those close to you and how they influence your decisions and behaviors. It may be time to cut loose any toxic people, so they don’t bring negative energy to your future. 


Nine of Pentacles | Four of Cups | Seven of Cups

After a shaky start in Taurus, you’re in the process of being rewarded for forward-thinking and caution in the last season. You may not have hit the jackpot yet but you’re nearing success. The journey may not have been a rough one. Since you’ve been riding on a high for so long, you might be bored with what you have. This is not the time to fall into ruts. 

Your interests and passions may have fallen to the wayside, and now would be the time to rediscover them before you lose this forward momentum. Complacency has no place on your path to success. Although you’ve hit a bit of a rough patch, don’t let the lows overcome you or blow your final reward out of proportion. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses head-on this season and your hard work will pay off. 

Pisces tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth

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