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This story contains major spoilers through the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

With all theories regarding the Night King and the future of Westeros shattered, we’re on track for some much-needed unpredictability. Talks of treason returned, and our weekly dose of tragedy has been administered as we can return to making conspiratory notions.

The only mention of the Night King and the Lord of Light came from their biggest hater: Ser Davos Seaworth. Like many of us, he thought there would be a lot more to this Lord of Light story than the Night King’s one-night stand with Winterfell.

Davos is on to something. The writers wouldn’t build up the looming threat of the Night King and his army just to be handled overnight. Or, like the rest of us, he might have hoped for more important and beloved characters to die.

A moment of silence for all the Jorah sympathizers…

Winner winner chicken dinner for Jaime Lannister.

Since season two, we’ve watched admiration and love blossom between Jaime and Brienne. After Tyrion calls for an awkward silence when he exposes Brienne’s virginity, Jaime follows Brienne out of the dining hall and swoops her from Tormund, leaving him in shambles.

Sansa’s big mouth may have started the largest fire the North has ever seen. She let Tyrion in on a secret that will inevitably lead to a fussy Dany. We can only hope that the truth will prevail, and that no one will get hurt (a Westerosi pipedream, but we dream no less).

Varys is a cheeky egghead, talking about dropping back into his old ways. Prior seasons prove his knowledge to be powerful. In the throne room at Dragonstone, Varys tells Tyrion that he’s back on his bullshit of pulling the strings of tyrant puppets.

Dany allowed the prospect of “destiny fulfilled” to poison her mind, and Varys has seen this one before, saying how all the rulers he served “talk about destiny.” He doesn’t want the world to slip back into tyranny and secrecy, and will make his plays when the time is right.

Varys makes a pointed observation about how the North views incestuous relationships, such as marrying your aunt. Jon finds this taboo idea too far-fetched, so it seems that the Tyrion’s suggested solution of a joint rule is out of the question.

Dany’s losing the crowd. A discussion between the Starks and Dany’s team regarding power moves against the South to Cersei indicated Dany’s lack of composure, as she rejects all suggestions for patience for her armies to recuperate.  

The Targaryen fleet met resistance after riding currents and jetstreams over to King’s Landing. Euron and his armada zigged when Dany’s ships should’ve zagged, leaving the good guys with only a one dragon lead over Cersei as Euron shoots down Jon’s private jet.

Although the world loves Dany, for all that she’s done for people under oppression, she’s exploring a very temperamental side. She’s disregarding logical advice from her own advisors, and advocating a strongarm stance against her enemies.

It hurts to believe it, but Varys may be right when he openly shares his ideas of treason against Dany to protect the people.

On top of the storm fueled by envy and destiny raging inside Dany, her bff Messandei dies at the hands of the Mountain. Cersei’s been provoking Dany to make the decisions that everyone’s been advising against, so we can only pray for a little growth from our favorite heroine.

The plot progressed with the drama that we all fell in love with since the birth of the show. Now, we wait with angst to see if Dany loses her cool before Jon and his side of the army arrive to the capital.

Notable Deaths:

1) Messandei’s beheading

2) Gendry being friendzoned by Arya


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And so the night settles in, as we lay the age of Game of Thrones to rest.