Alex Schumacher

Kelsye Hall Turns Fashion Passion into a Career

Not a single shirt or jacket went wasted in her studio. “If I’ve messed up a little, I always figured out a way to make it work,” she said on making mistakes in her creative process. Her ability to make the best of her situation brought her from defeated nights of sewing…

Divine Ikpe

How To Do Your First Art Show!

I recently presented my work at the Yes Ma’am art show (Sunday, July 21 at The Bakery). I’ve been following the venue on Instagram for awhile and a few months ago, they put out an open call for artists.

Taylor Eakin

Plastic Power: Credit Card Guide

Whether you’re about to head off to college or join the workforce, you ought to get a head start in the world of financing. One of the main tools for financial planning is finding the right credit card, with plenty of perks.

Garrett Eicher

VS Realm’s Esports with a Purpose

In an unassuming corner of the North Dekalb Mall near Decatur is VS Realm, a modern arcade with big dreams of making an impact in the community and gaming.

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