Imani Benjamin

The Actual Cost of Free College

Tuition-free college sounds like the solution to the problem of student debt, but these programs don’t take into account how it affects low-income students — or rather how it doesn’t help them at all.

Judith Kim

2nd Amendment Part C: History in Context

Various interpretations of the Second Amendment has created a debate amongst people since the introduction of the Bill of Rights. To understand the context of this debate, knowing the history surrounding the amendment will be helpful.

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Hookup Culture is a Culture of Shame

Hookup culture is an offshoot of the free love movement of the 60s. It celebrates sexual expression, sexual liberation and, of course, sex itself. In many places, especially on college campuses, hookup culture is the norm–it’s something all students encounter. But most half-heartedly engage in it, without finding it very fulfilling.

2nd Amendment Part D: Perspectives from a Healthcare Advocate

Two-time cancer conqueror Dorothy Leone-Glasser stood to walk three steps from the long, wooden bench. The fact that she can walk at all is admirable. She had been confined to a wheelchair for years, battling systemic lupus. But today, we met for another reason: To discuss gun violence prevention from a different framework, namely, a public health framework specifically in Georgia.

2nd Amendment Part B: Parts of a Gun

The next step in our mission to educate, inform and provide resources to Georgians: We examine the composition and functionality of firearms, as well as explain how to fully unload a firearm and discuss the four cardinal rules of safety. We aim to bring general awareness to the matter.

What to do in the Next Recession

News outlets mention the possibility of a new recession, in part because of Trump’s aggressive trade stance and other factors. Should the recession become reality, here’s what you should know to be prepared and what you can do…

2nd Amendment, Part A: Georgia Gun Laws 101

In situations involving firearms, it is most important to remain calm before reacting. Georgia has some of the most lenient gun laws when it comes to the purchase, possession and carry of firearms.

The People’s Kratom

The opioid epidemic in America continues to spread and nothing seems to resolve its advance. As people develop addictions to opioids, researchers and agricultural investors fight fire with kratom. 

Marriage: An Exposé Beyond the Ring

Though it’s often associated with pretty pebbles and weddings, marriage is a legal contract that promises–and obliges–you more.

Dating Tips for 2000’s Babes

Drake explained it best in his song, “Doing It Wrong,” that “we live in a generation of not being in love, and not being together. But we sure make it feel like we’re together, ‘cause we’re scared to see each other with somebody else.”

27-year-old Everton Blair talks Education, Locality and his Homecoming

Everton Blair was 26 when he won the District 4 seat on the Gwinnett County Board of Education. When we met, his attitude and presence that echoed one of his own inspiration: former President Barack Obama. After studying at Harvard and Stanford University, he came back to his hometown with a mission.

Kelsye Hall Turns Fashion Passion into a Career

Not a single shirt or jacket went wasted in her studio. “If I’ve messed up a little, I always figured out a way to make it work,” she said on making mistakes in her creative process. Her ability to make the best of her situation brought her from defeated nights of sewing…

How To Do Your First Art Show!

I recently presented my work at the Yes Ma’am art show (Sunday, July 21 at The Bakery). I’ve been following the venue on Instagram for awhile and a few months ago, they put out an open call for artists.

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Resilient Youth Asserts “Homelessness is a verb, not an adjective”

I’ve met and interviewed many who were homeless, but none have been quite like 22-year-old AJ Thomson. We spoke over the phone for about 12 minutes before I stopped and asked if he could come to my home office. He surprisingly agreed. Thirty minutes later, a slender, well-dressed man was at the door.

Organizing Protest with #DoBetterGa​

Students have made history organizing protests since the 1960’s. In 2019, we’re seeing a rise in students organizing against things like police brutality, school shootings, deportation, and most recently, reproductive rights.

Covering the #DoBetterGA Rally

The student-led campaign, #DoBetterGA, organized a rally in opposition of the Georgia House bill 481 on Saturday, May 25.

Mindful Spending

Living paycheck-to-paycheck gets to be difficult and is generally unreliable. We have to be efficient and effective with our money to feel comfortable with where we are in life. One way to maximize your earnings is by having a plan called a budget.

Cap and Gown

College, or Nah?

We as a society expect young people to attend college, but how does one know if attending is worth the time and money?