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Gabe Ossa

University students respond to COVID on campus

Students at Georgia State University and Kennesaw State have had their whole semester shaken up due to COVID-19. With most classes shifting to online rather than in-person, students are facing new concerns and challenges.

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John Lewis traded the typical college experience for activism, arrests and jail cells

As an 18-year-old student attending a training session for activists at the Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee, John Lewis stuttered and struggled to read. A visiting professor mocked his stammered speech and “poor reading skills” and dismissed Lewis’ potential as a “suitable leader” for the burgeoning movement.

Are you in an Echo Chamber?

When you’re online, do you feel like everyone is constantly on the same understanding on a variety of topics where the crazy, fringe ideas couldn’t possibly appeal to a substantial portion of people? Are all your ads, news articles and timelines often mirroring your political opinions? If so, then you could be in a digital echo chamber.

6 ways to build motivation to do your schoolwork now that you’re forced to learn online at home

6 ways to build motivation to do your schoolwork now that you’re forced to learn online at home By Ryan Korstange (Assistant Professor of University Studies, Middle Tennessee State University) Published: September 10, 2020, at 12:07 a.m. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. The Conversation disclosure statement: John Holbein receives

Small town gem: A trip on Georgia’s ball ground burger bus

Once I arrived at the quaint restaurant in the heart of small town Ball Ground, it became apparent that it was not only a hot spot due to its much hyped burgers and hotdogs, but also its unique setting: a vintage street bus. The bus had been converted into a restaurant with indoor seating.

Contact Tracing 101

Contact tracing has been done for centuries for various diseases. In America, it was notably used to combat syphilis and AIDS outbreaks and has been shown to be an effective measure of containing outbreaks.

Could Black philanthropy help solve the Black student debt crisis?

When billionaire Robert E. Smith decided to pay off the student loans of the graduating class of 2019 at Morehouse College, he suggested that others follow his lead.
But is there even enough black private wealth in the United States to pay off all black student loan debt?

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A 13-Year-Old Georgian Starts an Instagram Bakery Business

A 13-Year-Old Georgian Starts an Instagram Bakery Business When Lily Kate Buscema was a baby, her older sister Ella thought her name was “Little Cakes.” Ella didn’t know yet how much Lily Kate would eventually love baking cakes as she got older. Lily Kate started baking on her own at

Black Experience At Woodward Academy​

When 20-year-old Shay Estelle transferred to Woodward Academy, her arrival continued a trend she was very familiar with. Her enrollment at the Atlanta private school became her fourth time being the “new kid” in school. She attended Whitefield Academy until sixth grade and spent seventh grade at Killian Hill Christian School. Grades eight to 10 were at Woodward. She studied abroad for 11th grade then returned to Woodward to graduate high school.

Research on voting by mail says it’s safe – from fraud and disease

As millions of Americans prepare to vote in November – and in many cases, primaries and state and local elections through the summer as well – lots of people are talking about voting by mail. It is a way to protect the integrity of the country’s voting system and to limit potential exposure to the coronavirus, which continues to spread widely in the U.S.

So You Wanna Run For Office? A Detailed Outline to Becoming a Candidate in Georgia

Politics are complicated. The systems putting our elected officials into office aren’t as simple as we were taught in school. Georgia’s complicated system of counties and commissions results in hundreds of government officials at the state level. AY looked into Georgia’s officials for the recent primary election and now we’re looking at the process to get on the ballot.


You may not want to, but you need to: Why we vote

In the upcoming election, Millennials and Gen Z will make up more than one-third of the eligible voting demographic. In theory, this would make young people a major deciding factor in the 2020 presidential election.
That is, if they vote.

Why so few young Americans vote

The United States has one of the lowest rates of youth voter turnout in the world. The gap between 18- to 29-year-olds and those over 60, a common measuring stick, is more than twice as large here than it is in comparable democracies, like Canada and Germany.