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Ricky Sweeting

COVID-19 Shouldn’t Turn State Parks Into an Amusement Park

COVID-19 Shouldn’t Turn State Parks into Amusement Parks Editor’s Note: This story is part of our COVID-19 (the ‘rona) series. Click to learn more about our local ‘rona coverage. Shortly after Gov. Kemp allowed a broader range of businesses to reopen on May 8, I headed outdoors to the local state

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Ashley Broadwater

The COVID-19 Quarantine Can Exacerbate Domestic Violence Situations; Here’s How You Can be a Much-Needed Ally to Survivors

“I have yet to talk to a victim of domestic violence that hasn’t come to believe her middle name is ‘Bitch’ because that’s what she’s called all the time,” said Nancy Friauf, president of Partnership Against Domestic Violence.
While domestic violence often starts with emotional abuse, it can snowball into other forms. Multiply that times 10 during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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Ashley Broadwater

Georgia Nurses Need Our Help as Hospitals Run Dangerously Low on PPE

“Hospitals are following current CDC best practices and encouraging our nurses, physicians and other clinical staff to adhere to the recommended PPE conservation methods to ensure their own safety as hospitals cope with the shortage.”
The situation isn’t as simple as just “following procedures.” Procedures can’t be fully followed if they don’t have enough PPE.

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graduates Roberts, Yashinky and Pyfrom
Tyrone Scott

Class of 2020 – Are the Kids Really Alright?

For seniors, the spring semester typically means prom, senioritis, and graduation, a highly celebrated rite of passage into adulthood. Sadly, due to the persisting danger of having so many people gathered together, the class of 2020 will be missing the chance to celebrate this momentous occasion with their friends and family.

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Tucker Bedingfield

Stuck in the Middle: how Coronavirus Impacted College Students

College students across the country found themselves devastated and quite frankly, ignored. Like many people, their plans were cut short or cancelled altogether. There were no more classes, no formals, no more studying in the library and no graduation. While these all seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things, they were important to the individuals involved.

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Joshua Crump

More Money On The Horizon?

“I’m definitely happy about getting this check. I did not expect my job to close its doors, and we don’t know when it will be back to normal. I just look at it as $1200 more dollars than I had before, so I’m just patiently waiting,” said Jenelle Elle, a 24-year-old Atlanta IT Consultant.

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Hagen McMenemy

Working Retail During a Pandemic

Beyond the ‘rona media cycle, my first moments of having the gravity of the situation put into perspective was at my job at a major retailer that primarily sells electronic goods. Shortly after my last shift, I became short of breath with a tightness in my chest and also developed a dry cough.

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PSA’s: (1) CHECK if you should get tested for the ‘rona. (2) THERE are testing centers all over the STATE OF GEORGIA, including free ones in FULTON. (3) TLC if you’ve fallen ill, but more importantly, #stayhome. (4) DONATE blood if you’ve recovered from the disease – this can help medical experts develop a cure [or other remedies to reduce symptoms or the likelihood of death]. Appreciate y’all.