Youth Turns Fashion Passion into a Career

It’s hard to find our respective dream jobs. We tend to put ourselves in positions of security and leave our passions aside. Local business owner Kelsye Hall broke through this barrier and saw fashion as a creative avenue to make money.

In a recent interview, we learned how fashion and music made Hall into the person she is today, and how she’s turned her passions into a successful career.

Hall browsing through her collection of shirts and jackets.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Two of Hall's favorite pieces pulled from her clothes rack.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Hall is a Georgia native. She is a triplet and an older sister, and currently lives with her mother and younger brother in Newnan, where she set up her studio. 

She opted out of the college route after high school and decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a model. Fashion remained a medium of expression for Hall. Hall’s fashion line, Edge by Kels, detailed every part of her “grungy and edgy” personality: through colors, shapes and graphics.

Hall’s desire to create fashion came to fruition in 2018. The dream to model pivoted from modeling clothes on herself, to modeling her clothes on others. Hall dedicated her focus to improving her sewing. She explained that her greatest obstacle is coping with the frustration of a lack of formal fashion education. Her grandmother recently taught her to sew, and ever since, she’s felt a stronger sense of ownership over her business. 

The company first designed outfits for music festivals, but the idea tanked when Hall realized that making a full bodysuit required a higher level of labor and time than she could give. Despite the setback, she turned her attention to more casual dress wear. Hall started buying clothes on the cheap from stores like Goodwill and Plato’s Closet, and would turn each item into a “masterpiece.”

Not a single shirt or jacket went wasted in her studio. “If I’ve messed up a little, I always figured out a way to make it work,” she said on making mistakes in her creative process. Her ability to make the best of her situation brought her from defeated nights of sewing, to hosting her own fashion show. 

The grandeur of the show’s success was not lost on her. “I never thought I’d have a fashion show with Edge not even being a year old,” she said. 

We asked Hall what famous actress or model would best represent her fashion, and she answered confidently with Cara Delevigne or Jules (from Euphoria). Her reasons for the two were simple: they’re part of the LGBTQ community and they don’t take shit from anybody. When Hall came out as bisexual, her relationship with her family grew distant. “I was judged by her and my sister for it. They didn’t understand it,” she said about coming out to her sister and mother. 

Kelsye Hall explaining the design of her shirt.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Kelsye Hall during a sit-down interview with Avant-Youth. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

On inspiration, Hall saw music as something that guided her to success. Not just personal success, but the fulfillment that brings meaning to life. EDM’s rhythmic and energetic nature structured a culture within lovers of the genre. Its community brought together people who took pride in outrageous dancing and expressive, loud fashion. 

All of this made sense to Hall. She said that in a way, “EDM is where I found myself as a person, and Edge kind of found me.” 

Everyone knows the expression, “same shit, different day.” It describes the mundane feeling of a safe job with predictable outcomes. When Hall found herself living this phrase, she broke the mold, boldly creating a new career as the CEO of her own fashion line.

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