Place of Origin: Athens, GA

     Kennae Hunter is a senior at the University of West Georgia, graduating in spring 2021. She is a Mass Communication major with a concentration in Convergence Journalism and a minor in Psychology. Hunter has a deep passion for writing and storytelling, and has known she wanted to be a writer of some sort since she was 9 years old. In her free time she likes to watch ESPN and try new restaurants. She is always down for a road trip or a movie night with close friends. 

What animal would you be, and why? I would be a cheetah because they are the fastest animal and reliable to achieve lots of distance. I would compare that to my efficiency in anything that I do. I believe in covering as much ground as possible to be sure nothing is missed, but in a way that is quick, still, no matter the area.   

Fav. Quote: “The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is a dream.” -Tupac Shakur.

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Surgical v. Non-Surgical procedures: Get informed

One might wonder how the “it” look could be obtained without having celebrity money. In fact, there are procedures known as non-surgical procedures that can give you the same look for less, without having to go under the knife.
Depending on your unique needs, wants and will to risk factor, the question is if you should go surgical or non-surgical to reach those fantasized “it” looks. Therefore, here are the most common cosmetic procedures and some of their alternatives.

Boss Up Brunch Female Entrepreneurship And Empowerment: Get Involved​

Amidst the unwelcoming report, six motivated women who are all Atlanta natives gathered their individual skill sets to plan a women empowerment and entrepreneurial event to give their community and fellow working women something to look forward to and help during this time of need.