Leo 2020 Horoscope (July 22 – August 22)

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Leo 2020 Horoscope (July 22 - August 22)

Leos, you’re type A and proud of it. The lions of the horoscope are confident, driven and proud of their ability to get things done. 

Cancer may have brought some excitement into your life. This season you are going to take what you want from life and make your own way. 


Six of Cups | Six of Wands | King of Swords

Although Leo is definitely the season of go-getting, you need to pump the breaks. Think back to what made you happy as a kid. If you don’t want to recall childhood memories, try reconnecting with happy thoughts. Bringing happiness into your life isn’t just an internal process. 

There may be people, places or things that you need to completely cut out of your life. This might be a rough process, but you’ll have close friends and family to help you during what may be a trying time. Use the people closest to you to stay grounded and focused on your happiness. 

Aries tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton


Knight of Cups | Justice | Three of Cups

Brace yourself for a stormy season. Trouble is heading your way and looks like it’s a lot of tension in your friend group or family. 

It’ll be beneficial not to add fuel to the fire by picking a side. It may help the situation to figure out how to right your past wrongs against friends or families. Give it the old college try and attempt to fix the situation. 

You don’t want it to go this far. Don’t be afraid to take a step back from the drama and get a  breath of fresh air. Find people that are outside of the problem, and seek the things that make you happy in this trying time. 


Ace of Cups | Four of Cups | Queen of Swords

Although it may feel like this should be your time, you’ve had a hard time getting your feet under you. Whether it’s a lack of focus or a loss of creativity, Leo isn’t starting you off at your highest point. Even though it may feel impossible, try and get back into the swing of things. 

Try surrounding yourself with things that might jumpstart your creativity or find places that put you in a better frame of mind. Don’t wear yourself out trying to get back in the right headspace. Stroll, or baby jog, back into productivity and don’t let the ups and downs of life get you down.    


Page of Swords | Three of Wands | Death

This is a time for doing and not feeling. You aren’t exactly in your element. 

You may not thrive in this time of action, but it’s important to not let that throw a wrench in things. Just because you aren’t having a good time doesn’t mean the rest of the world (or your family, friends and co-workers) have to be miserable too. 

One way to make Leo suck less is to focus on a goal. It may be a project you have to finish or a new hobby you want to get started on. Try something new, and don’t be a stick in the mud.  


Ten of Pentacles | King of Pentacles | Ten of Wands

It’s quite literally your time to shine. A smooth ride into success is definitely in your cards – a new job, the successful end of a project or a new step in your relationship – and you’ll be walking on sunshine. In this time of plenty, keep your wits about you and put a lot of thought into karma. Success isn’t always guaranteed to last, and you can lose your good fortune at any time. 

Be like the ancient Greeks: Be kind to everyone you meet. You never know who might be a vengeful god in disguise. Or someone down on their luck. 

Spreading wealth and happiness benefits everyone in the long run. Support those you can, when you can. But beware of bumps, however minor, which may arise during your hot girl (or boy) summer. 

Just because you’re having the time of your life doesn’t mean that stress is a distant dream. Learn how to handle the soft bumps that might be heading your way, and you’ll be set for the rest of the season. 

Leo tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton


Ace of Swords | Death | Queen of Pentacles

Strap in and get ready for a rough ride. This may be the time for go-getting and making the most of life, but you’ll be taking baby steps this season. Even if you were making leaps and bounds last season, you’ll be going along inch by inch this time around. You might even feel a little like Mr. Struggle

Moving forward is going to feel slow, and you’re going to get frustrated by – well – the slowness of it all. But you’re going to have to get comfortable with what may be your new normal. Find things to not only occupy your time, but to take out your frustrations on a world that’s not up to speed with you. 

Although this may suck, don’t get sour. Misery loves company and you won’t be the only miserable person if you let your setbacks get you down.  If you absolutely positively need to do something, find a hobby or develop a new skill that’ll be sure to help you in the future.    


High Priest | Four of Swords | Knight of Cups

Leo isn’t filled with despair but there’s definitely a good helping of confusion heading your way. The sailing may have been a little rough for you, but that may be because you aren’t picking up the signs that the Universe is putting out.

Although this is usually a time of striking out, you should use it to look in. Maybe you’ve been too hard at work to really see the signs you’re looking for. Or you’re too tired in general to find them. 

It’s important for you to get your balance back. You’re one of the intellectual suits of the horoscope, so it’s important for you to be balanced both emotionally and mentally. Rest, recuperate and discover the path you’re meant to take. 


Two of Cups | The Star | King of Wands

There’s a disturbance in the force and it’s coming straight for you. The problem might be anything from tension in work to problems at home. This is probably the best time to re-examine your relationships. 

It’s less about if someone is keeping you back, and more about how and the power they (or you) have in that relationship. This period isn’t just doom and gloom, not unless you make it. 

Focus on the nicer things in life and try to keep your spirits up. You might find a solution to your problems by taking the initiative. Some of your relationships may have soured or gone to the wayside because both sides have been neglectful. 

It’ll be up to you to make the tough decisions and confrontations this season. 

Scorpio tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton


The High Priestess | The Fool | Page of Pentacles

The Universe has been laying down some heavy hints and you’ve been picking up on some of them. But not all. If it feels like you’re missing out on something, start paying more attention to the world around you – especially the opportunities that lay themselves at your feet. 

This is definitely not the time to let loose and party hard. You’re likely to put yourself in a bad situation or just end up looking like a fool. 

One thing fools don’t do is fix their mistakes (since, this is how you repeat them). Learn something new or pick up a hobby. Don’t become a hermit, but try to party responsibly after you’ve got all your ducks in a row.


Knight of Cups | Nine of Pentacles | Six of Cups

After a rough time in Cancer, it’s time to find your equilibrium. Maybe you spent too much time as a mediator between friends, or just got caught up in a whirlwind of work. This is the time to rest, relax and find your new center after blowing off the course. As you find your way back to normalcy, maybe kick some bad habits out like being a little too reckless with the things around you. 

In your quest for inner peace, try to address the habits that bring unwarranted drama and confusion. You’ve seen firsthand how these habits bring chaos into your life. Working on this part of yourself may even bring about the balance you need to feel centered and happy. You could even take lessons from your younger self. If building sandcastles made you happy as a kid, surely you can find a way to recreate those feelings. 


Three of Swords | Five of Swords | Page of Cups

You’ll be starting off Leo unbalanced. This should be a time of happiness. But there are dark clouds on your horizons bringing trouble to your life. Stress might be heading your way, and you can’t let yourself get pulled under. 

No one works at their best under high stress. Find out how you can keep calm in Leo’s time of chaos and confusion. And while you’re doing this, pull on your big kid pants. You aren’t going to succeed in life or during any difficult period like this by throwing a tantrum. Although this may go against your Aquarian nature, it’s time to dig in your heels and tough it out.   

Aquarius tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton

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