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     After a short stint as Avant-Youth’s Editor-at-Large, Alex Schumacher retired into being one of our Senior Writers. Schumacher studied Spanish and creative writing at the University of Florida. His favorite part of the day is when he shotguns a pot of coffee and adds to his book of intimate haikus–which he only reads to his roommate’s dog, Jax, every morning. His inspirations for writing include Steve Irwin, Bear Grylls, and his late muse and dog, Molly.

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Tech bootcamps of Atlanta

While some of us have the time and financial stability to go back to school or teach ourselves some new tech skills, others do not. Where is the middle ground of obtaining these skills to compete in a world of tech? The answer may lie in tech bootcamps.

The People’s Kratom

The opioid epidemic in America continues to spread and nothing seems to resolve its advance. As people develop addictions to opioids, researchers and agricultural investors fight fire with kratom. 

Kelsye Hall Turns Fashion Passion into a Career

Not a single shirt or jacket went wasted in her studio. “If I’ve messed up a little, I always figured out a way to make it work,” she said on making mistakes in her creative process. Her ability to make the best of her situation brought her from defeated nights of sewing…

Dead & Company: ATL Gifts John Mayer to America’s Rock Band​

Atlanta fosters some of the greatest artists in the world, who go out and share their art with #ATL on their minds. Rock genius John Mayer became part of Atlanta’s list of legends when he won multiple awards for his vocal skills in the early 2000’s.

The Drag(on) Queens at Mary’s

It’s already halfway through Pride Month, and there’s still time to celebrate by attending a drag show at your local hosting bar.

The Monster Bash

Connecting with other young entrepreneurs in the prop-making and 3D printing profession happens quickly in Atlanta, mostly because it’s a small, tight-knit community.

Raisin Bran Stark

And so the night settles in, as we lay the age of Game of Thrones to rest.

Credit Score Crash Course

If you’re thinking about getting a credit card, but wary about the fineprint that may come with the luxury of plastic transaction, don’t worry. We got you. Let’s start with the basics: Wtf is a credit score?

The “Wall” Street Journal

With all theories regarding the Night King and the future of Westeros shattered, we’re on track for some much-needed unpredictability. Talks of treason returned, and our weekly dose of tragedy has been administered as we can return to making conspiratory notions.

Mindful Spending

Living paycheck-to-paycheck gets to be difficult and is generally unreliable. We have to be efficient and effective with our money to feel comfortable with where we are in life. One way to maximize your earnings is by having a plan called a budget.

Game of Thrones 69: Nice

We are warmed to our core. Relationships were mended, characters connected, and the White Walkers got jealous and finally arrived at Winterfell.

The Three-Eyed Falcon

The wait is finally over, and we can all breathe again with the new Game of Thrones season underway.

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