Place of Origin: Aurora, IL

     Garrett Eicher studied creative writing and history at Florida State University. When Eicher is not on a project, he can often be found reading comics and playing video games–though he is terrible at them. He hopes to one day write a novel that will end up on the Banned Book List.

What animal would you be, and why?

I would be a dog, because I always try to be there for other people.

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Stories by this Writer...

VS Realm’s Esports with a Purpose

In an unassuming corner of the North Dekalb Mall near Decatur is VS Realm, a modern arcade with big dreams of making an impact in the community and gaming.

It’s Wavy at Smith’s Olde Bar

Local Atlanta rap artist KZ put together the first Wavy Day on Friday, showcasing some of the city’s popular and promising musicians like Jaylon Ashaun, Bri Broskie, OG Jonny D, Whereischo and J Wesley. The venue on the second floor of Smith’s Olde Bar provided an intimate setting that allowed the crowd to feel connected to the artists.