Place of Origin: East Orange, NJ

     Marlin Campbell is a passionate writer who does not fear getting to the truth or relaying it to his audience. Aside from writing, he spends his time perfecting his craft in some of the most classic video games he can find. While attending Rutgers University-Newark, he appeared in the short play, “Eukiah” as Butch and a singing Doctor in the “Toxic Avenger”musical. Two of his biggest goals in life is to win a Pulitzer Prize and to touch people through his writing in hopes of helping them realize that true success stems from true passion. 

What animal would you be, and why? A lion because he has to fight in a very dangerous environment and he must set the example as a leader in order to survive. Not to mention, it’s extremely hard to rip his heart out and he’s a handsome animal wouldn’t you say? 

Fav. Quote: “Money doesn’t make a man. Muscles don’t make a man. Tattoos don’t make a man. Character is what makes a man! Let a man’s character be his currency; that will tell you what he’s really worth!” – Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

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Silence Activations and their “silent headphones” definitely cater to any and all age groups. You can use them for your birthday party, wedding or small get-togethers.

Congress Delays Vote on MORE Act: Why this is a Major Blow to my Community

Thousands of Black and Latinx people are currently sitting in prison on marijuana trafficking and distribution charges. Meanwhile, predominantly white dispensary owners are enjoying the profit from selling the same exact thing. Congress must take a vote – it is a necessary step towards the racial equality that my community deserves.