Place of Origin: Peachtree City, GA

     Megan Binkley is a journalism major at Kennesaw State University, and is on track to graduate in December. She is most at peace when practicing yoga–an art she’s been perfecting for 4 years. Binkley is obsessed with everything related to Stevie Nicks and her dog, Ziggy

What animal would you be, and why?

A dolphin because they have a playful nature, are highly intelligent and peaceful mammals. They represent protection and inner strength. 

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Stories by this Author...

Beltline Lantern Parade

Over the weekend, photojournalist Megan Binkley and editorial intern Fardeen Sheikh went to the 10th Anniversary Lantern Parade on the Beltline.

THE HUNNA Rocks the Loft at Center Stage​

I was immediately taken aback by the talent brought to the stage from the four UK guys and can say I have never been to a show where the opener out shines the headliner.

Covering the #DoBetterGA Rally

The student-led campaign, #DoBetterGA, organized a rally in opposition of the Georgia House bill 481 on Saturday, May 25.