Lil Pump & Lil Skies: Esketit!

All images are by Diana Ward | Avant-Youth

Lil Pump and Lil Skies headlined at the Coca-Cola Roxy On May 14th

Skies hit the stage 2 hours after the doors opened, to a crowd that had been impatiently calling for him to perform. A series of openers hyped the crowd for Skies’ first song of the night, a fan favorite, “Welcome To The Rodeo”.

The energy in the room was transformed as Skies added some embellishment to what had previously been a rather typical trap show.

Skies makes melodic songs that fans want to sing along to, and they did in full force. His use of bells and keys over trap beats make for songs that appeal to more mainstream listeners, even as he remains true to his Soundcloud roots with repetitive flows and refrains.

His catchy, dance-along hits provided a perfect segue to Pumps bold entrance to the stage.

Every aspect of Lil Pump’s brand is flashy. His jewelry, his custom designer clothing and even his Snapchat posts at clubs and on private jets, which were exemplified just before the show.

His music reflects that with punchy 808’s and loud, brazen lyrics, perfect for chanting from the middle of a packed venue.


Lil Pump knows how to get the rooms attention. When he tells the crowd to jump, they jump. When he says open a pit, they mosh. Lil Pump lived up to the hype as a compelling entertainer with a commanding display.

Although Pump’s lyrics may lack depth, his music is an undeniable catalyst for fans in a live setting. What he does say stays with people. So much so, that 3 fans were wearing chains that showcased his notorious mantra, “esketit!”


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