Rocky Lynch, Lead Guitar/Vocals
Ross Lynch, Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals

The Driver Era, formally known as R5, headlined The Vinyl in Atlanta, Georgia on April 18th. The Atlanta show was one of the last stops on the pop-rock band’s first tour after their rebranding. Lead singer Ross Lynch started the show by poking fun at his Disney child star past before introducing his siblings, and an old friend who makes up the rest of the band. While The Driver Era is technically a duo between Ross and his brother Rocky Lynch. His other siblings Ryker and Rydell joined him on stage, as well as former R5 drummer Ellington Ratliff.

Ross Lynch with Pride Flag

Ross was high fiving his fans over the (surprisingly narrow) photopit, and at one point he was handed a pride flag. Naturally, he danced around the stage with it before draping it over the drum set.(right)

The Vinyl is a fairly small venue, the stage being about 4 feet from the crowd. This inherently brings a level of intimacy to the show, and Ross leaned into it. (left)

Ellington Ratliff, Drums/Vocals
Rydell Lynch, Keyboard/Vocals

While the group has changed the way they dress, their sound, and their fanbase, their contagious energy has remained.   

The room was packed with a shockingly diverse crowd, considering R5’s mostly teenage girl fanbase. The Driver Era’s rebranding extended their appeal to people of all identities, the mark of any great band. 

Ryker Lynch, Bass Guitar/Vocals


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