Scorpio 2020 Horoscope (October 24 – November 22)

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Scorpio 2020 Horoscope (October 24 - November 22)

After justice and order, chaos reigns supreme. The emotional Scorpio follows after the judicious Libra. The water sign lets loose the emotions and passions that were held back the previous season. 

What’s most important to this sign is getting to the bottom of things in highly controlled environments. The only way to get through life is intense interrogation of the people and things around them. 

Let your emotions help you gauge situations as you push forward relentlessly towards your goals. 


Page of Wands | The Hermit | Strength

Where’s your work ethic? Just because the sun takes longer to come up and it’s a little colder doesn’t mean you can slack off. You’re not a bear. 

This should be a time for striding forward ready to make your ideas into reality. Instead you’ve shut yourself away from friends and family in an attempt to get things done. One more time for the people in the back: ‘You are not a bear.’ 

You might’ve intended to make your time alone to be a truth-seeking journey. But the only unfortunate truth you may have found is that the bottom of the Nutella jar isn’t a nice place to be. Now that you’ve stared into the hazelnut void, it’s time to get your act back together. Courage isn’t a brand new concept and right about now, you need a big helping to get you back on your feet and out into the world. 


Queen of Pentacles | The World | Eight of Cups

Good fortune, like everything else, is great in small doses. Too much is bound to land you in a sticky situation sooner or later. Libra was a great time for you. So good that you’ve got a brand name work ethic with an off-brand attitude. This season is bound to throw something nasty your way if you choose to act like a divinely blessed diva. 

This should be a time where you focus on your goals and the steps you’re taking to make them a reality. You’ve reached a point in your life where success is just at the tip of your fingers. But with everything sweet, there’s something bitter. 

Progress is always a double-edged sword. As you continue your journey, whether this is just a milestone or the end, you’re going to have to let something close to you go before you really taste progress. 

Taurus tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Eight of Swords | Ten of Pentacles | Five of Cups

This sucks. You couldn’t find your groove in Libra and now Scorpio has found you in a sticky situation. No one likes to feel trapped but the situation is out of your control right now. Toughing it out might not sound particularly nice but it might benefit you in the long run. 

Waiting, as gross as it sounds, might be the thing to help you stabilize or find a better solution to your problems. It might even allow you to see the positives of a previously crappy situation. Silver linings are the key to succeeding this season. 


Queen of Cups | Judgement | The Empress

You know all about being kind, understanding and in touch with your emotions. In this time of COVID, as we’re reaching the end of a stressful year, we’ve learnt to be more patient with the people we live with. For you, calm and understanding just seem to radiate out from your person, making you a favorite, quiet time companion for many. 

Whether you have roommates or you live alone, this is a great time for some introspection. Evaluate your life decisions or maybe what you’ve eaten for breakfast, and figure out what needs to change for you to succeed. 

What you can take away from this season is being passionate about self-care. You can’t succeed or stay a beacon of calm if you don’t take care of yourself first. Be a little selfish, especially when it comes to your own well-being. 


Seven of Swords | Ten of Swords | Three of Swords

Are you being honest with yourself? Are you being honest with those around you? Truth has a way of getting free, sometimes at the worst possible times and the consequences aren’t always nice. Scorpio is a time of passion that can be steamy or violent, it’s up to you to figure out how those passions unfold. 

But don’t worry too much if a relationship or two may go south. Whether or not you’ve hit the bottom or narrowly avoided disaster, you’ve been given a second chance. You can learn from the mistakes you’ve made and put your newfound knowledge to better use. If that’s mending relationships or finding new work to distract yourself from a bad situation, there’s a whole path to improvement laid out in front of you should you choose to follow it. 


The World | The Hierophant | Knight of Pentacles

Your life is pulling together in a major way. The projects that you’ve poured your heart into are complete and not only are they a source of accomplishment, they’re helping push your career forward. The success may be contributed to following a traditional path.

 It might’ve been hard and full of naysayers, but you’ve come out on top. If you had a mentor guiding you through, now would be a good time to give them the recognition they deserve for leading you to success. 

One goal has been finished and it’s time for you to take another step to the top. You’ll achieve that the same way you’ve gotten your current success: hard work, determination and a balanced outlook on life.



The Magician | The Hierophant | The Empress 

Manifestation is the name of the game. If you want it, you have to imagine yourself having it. Imagine yourself basking in glory, riches, or just a good time. As one of the most left brain horoscope there is, you have more than enough brainpower to set your sights on a goal and start making plans to reach it. 

You may take the opportunity to reach your goals in a bit of a non-traditional fashion. There’s definitely more than one way to hit your target and succeed! While you’re at it, take some time to discover your feminine side. 

Sure you can treat yourself to a mani pedi or a home spa day but take a hint from Mother Earth. She gives no shits. Get angry, be sad, be happy or mad. Your path to success should not interfere with your emotional wellbeing.


Six of Wands | Four of Pentacles | Four of Cups

This is your time – a season of passion, excitement and drive. But you may be starting off on the wrong foot. You’ve done a lot of work and made meaningful progress but it feels like your accomplishments mean nothing. You may not have even been recognized for the things you’ve done. 

As a result, you’ve understandably been a little standoffish and tight when it comes to money and affection. But it won’t do to let these feelings of inadequacy or resentment linger. They’ll do more than ruin your mood. They’ll ruin your life.

Embrace feeling blue, you’re allowed to be upset when you aren’t being appreciated. But don’t let the feeling drag you down. Act on it. If you need to go, you have to go. Don’t let a bad workplace or bad people drag you down. 

Scorpio tarot cards.Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Three of Cups | Seven of Cups |  Wheel of Fortune

This is both the best and worst time to be with friends. A phone call to your loved ones might do better than seeing them in person. A virtual hug is sure to lift your spirits when you need it most. 

They can also help you get your feet on the ground. This is a confusing time and you might be carrying a load of bad fortune. But you have a network of friends, co-workers and family that can help you find your way. 

Their help may not get you anywhere the first time around. Whatever bad luck might’ve been clinging to you before hasn’t completely gone. The only thing you can do is roll with the punches and let your friends and family help you get back on your feet. 


Two of Wands | Nine of Wands | Ten of Swords

You waffled around a lot and had to take some time to yourself during Libra.  Now, instead of having to make a difficult decision, you’ve come to a standstill. There’s an obstacle, a person, a thought or an actual thing, that’s preventing you from getting on with your life. 

It may feel like you’re on your last stand with another season of trouble, but you need to keep fighting. Looking inwards may have helped determine what path to take in Libra, but now is a time of action. You have to move before allowing yourself to wallow and sink into despair. There’s a dark cloud on the horizon, and the only way to combat it is to keep your head up and look forward. 


Queen of Wands | The Moon | Death

Be nice. The past few seasons may not have been kind to you, but you shouldn’t take your frustration out on others. Life works in cycles, and you happen to be on a downward turn. This may be a period of slow progress or even a standstill for you but stop comparing yourself to others. 

What you should focus on is any uncertainty at work. This can be unclear instructions, a lack of information coming from the top or just complication caused by a lack of information. Get all your facts straight before you start making decisions that have a major effect on you and your co-workers. 

Although this season doesn’t look like it’ll be the best, you have the power to change that. Scorpio is a sign of passion and change. Something has to change before you can transform into the best version of yourself. 

Aquarius tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Five of Swords | Ten of Wands | Justice

Tensions are probably high at home or at work. Or in these special circumstances, the living room couch. But before you let trench warfare break out in your apartment, think of the people you live or work with. 

Some of them have been with you through thick and thin. Relationships, even those with work friends, need to be properly maintained. To keep the peace, you may need to take a step back to breath. These aren’t relationships you want to throw away due to pandemic level cabin fever.

Take time during your day to sit quietly and destress. Treat everyone with the same amount of respect you’d give them in a pre-pandemic world, when the ending of Game of Thrones was the only horrifying thing people talked about. 

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