Music and art meets passion and support: Seeds of Sounds Music Festival

Atlanta has always been a hub for arts and entertainment in America. Between theater, fashion, comedy and music, we are home to majestically diverse communities. 

Most recently, Jennifer Edouard and Anthony Price held their third annual Georgia-grown music festival, Seeds of Sound. They started this festival with the purpose of uniting people in Atlanta’s local neighborhoods, as well as the music and arts scenes. 

The event was held Saturday, December 7th at the Bakery. The Bakery is a whimsical, free-spirited art venue on the westside of Atlanta. Upon arrival, visitors were met with bright murals, witty street art and decorative graffiti. The Bakery even had a giant, 20-foot pink plaster unicorn on display. The venue completely fit the aesthetic of the festival. 

The Seeds of Sound Festival had such a variety of attendees. You had parents there with children, as well as some of the most eccentric characters our sweet southern city offers. Festivities began outside with an acoustic, pop-folk show held in an igloo-like tent, in front of a happy audience sitting on a mat placed under the tent.

Three performers warmed up the crowd with each performer singing two songs each before temperatures dropped too low for comfort.  Once inside the venue, visitors were smacked with pop art and graffiti by local artists all throughout the hallways and restrooms – just about every surface was graced with the memory of someone’s expression. 

Big Brutus kicking the night off on the Seeds of Sound main stage. James Hunter | Avant-Youth
Associate Video Editor Spencer Bradley stands in front of the Bakery. James Hunter | Avant-Youth
The crowd thickens as The Partials begin their set. James Hunter | Avant-Youth
Jamming out with Grift in the EDM room a Seeds of Sound.
James Hunter | Avant-Youth
Comedian Shaunak Godkhindi closes the Comedy Showcase at Seeds of Sound. James Hunter | Avant-Youth

In one of the rooms, vendors parked boutiques displaying their crafts from clothing to jewelry. Down the hall from the entrance was the comedy room where festival-goers could see sets by new comedians or the headliner, Shaunak Godkhindi, who had a killer set. 

Across from the comedy room, an ominous doorway lured visitors into dancing, where colored lights and vibrating sound waves greeted you with impunity. A three person band delivered a one-of-a-kind experience featuring an electric sitarist, bassist, hand-pan player and a DJ. 

Once I broke the sitar’s enchanting hypnosis, I explored more of this eclectic festival. More vendors lined the back hallway leading to the main stage, offering everything from tarot card readings to CBD gummies. 

The main stage was something out of a weird dream after a night in Little 5 Points. It was completely decorated with pillars, vines, neon lights and polka dot painted trees. Bands like Big Brutus, Partials and headliner Pure Colors all played sets to an energetic, lively crowd. Vendors selling food provided festival-goers with vegan options, and a minibar stocked with plenty of water and beer for the night. 

The main stage at Seeds of Sound. James Hunter | Avant-Youth

The event felt like a college house party during homecoming. The camaraderie between attendees was breath-taking, and it felt like everyone already knew each other. Although there were cliques in the crowd, not once did I receive an unwelcoming vibe. 

Hopefully Prince and Edouard receive a bigger turnout next year and that the performers return, because this festival was a success. Prince and Edouard are the type of pioneers we need in today’s society. The power to unite people from all walks of life, in peace and harmony, in the name of expression and passion is a monumental accomplishment and a lasting  impact in the community. 

Jennifer Edouard at Seeds of Sound.
James Hunter | Avant-Youth

Anthony Prince performs at Seeds of Sound.
James Hunter | Avant-Youth

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