Taurus 2019 Horoscope (April 20 – May 21)​

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Taurus 2019 Horoscope


You may be feeling the need to retreat, and you should listen to your intuition when it tells you to step back. Don’t feel guilty for taking time to yourself and hone in on your tendency to take care of yourself first.


Redefine your center this month. Give yourself time to take care of your home life and create stability in personal relationships that you may have been neglecting. Reconsider your perception of home and prioritize the people and places you care about most. You need a space that makes you feel safe and cared for and people that make you feel that way too.


The coming month will be a blessing to you financially, but don’t take it for granted. Use this time of excess to set yourself up for the future. This is the perfect moment to reinforce your savings and make investments, so be smart with your spending. Don’t allow yourself to get too wrapped up in the fiscal aspects of life and be grateful for the positive things you’ve got going on. Remember to pace yourself and don’t move to quickly.


This is a time for transformation, physically and mentally. Give more of your focus to your own personal growth and avoid fixation on other people’s perception of you. You’ll be garnering more attention than usual, but don’t panic. Others notice when we go through changes, good or bad. Give yourself grace in the coming month and don’t resist the change.


When your sector of the zodiac is next in line your psychic energy is at an all time high. Keep your mind open and see the potential for new opportunities. Gemini’s are quick witted and smooth talkers, or at least one of the aspects of their multi faceted personality is. Use this time to be a go getter at work, but also take time to prioritize communication in your personal relationships.


 You will see some radical changes in your career and professional life starting in May and carrying on for several months. Take this time to ask for what you want or discover a new path. Maybe this is your chance to follow your dreams and do what you’re passionate about. Also take time for the things you care about. With the planets shifting into Taurus, consider what your individual gifts can do to change the world.


 May will bring you an abundance of intimacy and support. Your tendency toward vulnerability gives you a good opportunity to create space for others and have more meaningful interactions. Lean on the community around you, but set boundaries when needed and don’t allow yourself to be too drained by your loved ones’ emotional demands. Don’t overwork yourself, and be sure to allow yourself time to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of your daily life.


The next month will be an optimistic time for you. Take this time to focus on introspection and reflect on what you’d like to improve. Your positive outlook will provide more uplifting inner dialogue. Take this time to focus on being more self- reliant, and have initiative in your work. Speak your piece but try not to dominate conversations or overstep.


You are a peacemaker, and that is one of your greatest assets. But sometimes you use mediation as an excuse to focus on others problems instead of your own. Take time to focus on your own concerns and conflicts rather than trying to fix everyone else’s problems. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anybody else.


The events of the coming weeks will lead you toward self care; lean into it. Don’t get too wrapped up in yourself, and do your best to set intentions for time management and indulge in moderation. As a water sign, take advantage of your strength in adaptation. Go with the flow, but don’t totally wing it. Prioritize working to your full potential, this is a great time to embark on new territory.


It’s time for an adventure Sagittarius! You are naturally filled with a bold energy that propels you into trying new things, and you are known for your delightful wanderlust. However, as you enjoy your adventures, don’t neglect the mundane activities that you need to complete. They may not spark your passion, but they are vital nonetheless.


Your communication skills will be heightened in the coming weeks, so enjoy the clarity in your exchanges with your peers. This is a good time to pursue your ideas and take on new projects. You’ll find peace in recreational activities and social outings. Take advantage and go make some new friends!


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