Little Five Points Hosts The 19th Annual Halloween Festival and Parade

Little Five Points Halloween Festival.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
One way to stay warm is to dress up in a onesie. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
Hotdog eats hotdog.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

This past Saturday, Halloween fanatics from all over Atlanta gathered at the neighborhood of Little Five Points for the 19th annual Halloween festival and parade. Despite the rain and cold temperatures, nothing dampened these Halloween lover’s fun. 

People came to enjoy a day full of live music, local vendors and lots of food trucks. The festival was family-friendly, providing something fun for everyone of all ages. 

When it came to costumes, the festival-goers really stepped up their creative game. Everything from giant, walking pumpkins to every Marvel character under the sun was seen walking around ATL’s more infamous neighborhood. 

Staying dry.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Streets were closed off for vendors. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
The music stage, however, was set down due to weather.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

The restaurants and bars along Euclid Ave and Moreland Ave were overflowing with people trying to get cover and stay dry. At one point I noticed people crowding into large groups under trees to avoid the rain. 

As the afternoon went on, the rain continued to picked up and forced the event to stop playing live music. The local vendors did not seem too thrilled as the weather impacted their business for the day. 

Gloves and jacket to try and stay warm.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
A festival attendee. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

In terms of attendees and the vibe, the 19th annual Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade was a success despite the unpleasant weather. Hopefully next year’s festival and parade will be even bigger than it was this year. 

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