THE HUNNA Rocks the Loft at Center Stage

Lead singer and guitarist, Ryan Potter. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

The English grung rock back, THE HUNNA brought an electric energy with them to The Loft at Center Stage. The second the boys took the stage, they had everyone in the room jumping to the beat of their unique sound. 

Potter and bassist, Junate Angin at The Loft. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
Barns Courtney takes the stage after THE HUNNA. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
Potter flipping off their old "scumbag" record label. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

THE HUNNA kicked the night off and opened for Barns Courtney, who had a stage presences that can turn heads. 

I was immediately taken aback by the talent brought to the stage from the four UK guys and can say I have never been to a show where the opener outshined the headliner. 

Between songs, lead singer Ryan Potter told the crowd they had recently taken some time off the road “to get rid of their scumbag record label who were ripping them and their fans off, but are back and ready to rock!” 

At one point during the show Potter screamed into the microphone, “we’re so loud you can’t turn us down” and had the entire crowd chant along until everyone was going wild. 

Lead guitarist, Daniel Dorney. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
Potter standing on the drum stage during a guitar solo. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

The song, “We Could Be,” is a special song to the band because it is the first song they ever wrote as THE HUNNA. Fans all over the world knew and sang along to the lyrics. 

Just from attending this show, I could tell that THE HUNNA had an amazing, die-hard fan base. 

I spoke with one fan member who said she drove all the way from Charlotte, NC, just to see them–despite having an 8 a.m. class the next day. 

Potter rocking on stage. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
Band members hyping the crowd up.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Before the band exited the stage, they announced they will be back in Atlanta next year on their own headline tour promoting their new album. 

I think we’ll be back, too.

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