The Three-Eyed
Falcon Reviews:
Game of Thrones Season 8

Raisin Bran Stark

And so the night settles in, as we lay the age of Game of Thrones to rest.

The “Wall” Street Journal

With all theories regarding the Night King and the future of Westeros shattered, we’re on track for some much-needed unpredictability. Talks of treason returned, and our weekly dose of tragedy has been administered as we can return to making conspiratory notions.

Game of Thrones 69: Nice

We are warmed to our core. Relationships were mended, characters connected, and the White Walkers got jealous and finally arrived at Winterfell.

The Three-Eyed Falcon

The wait is finally over, and we can all breathe again with the new Game of Thrones season underway.