Zebbler Encanti Experience takes over ATL on the Trance End Tour

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story stated that Zebbler Encanti Experience used “Zebblertron” to control their visual lights and that Ben Encanti was an educator in Valencia, CA; the current version has been changed to reflect that ZEE uses “Resolume” to control their visuals and Encanti is an educator in Valencia, Spain. 

Zebbler Encanti Experience welcomed fans to the Trance End Tour at Aisle 5 in Little Five Points. Shortly after 8:30 p.m,. opener Wan kicked the night off with his unique beats and sounds.

Excitement flooded the room the moment Wan walked on stage because fans were happy to be a part of the Chinese DJ/producer’s first ever American tour.

Although Wan’s stage presence lacked energy, his music was a force to be reckoned with. 

Zebbler Encanti Experience at Aisle 5. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
Wan opening for ZEE. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Around 11:35 p.m. Zebbler Encanti Experience dropped his first beat. Fans immediately rushed to the front of the stage and started dancing. Some fans even brought hula hoops and gloves with LED lights on the fingertips to add to their experience. 

ZEE brought high energy to Little Five Points.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
Crazy visuals at the ZEE show. Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

It was no surprise that ZEE had crazy visuals that matched perfectly to the beat of the music on the Trance End Tour. The duo’s sets are unique from other DJ’s because ZEE offers a full multi-media experience. 

Peter Zebbler performs live visuals to Ben Encanti’s bass heavy beats. The duo uses a custom software called “Resolume” to create light and sound through triggered events in order to control the visuals. 

Visuals from the ZEE show.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
Ben Encanti in Little Five Points.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Zebbler on the Trance End Tour at Aisle 5.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Not only is Ben Encanti a full-time DJ, he also is an educator at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. 

I have shot shows at Aisle 5 before, but none have compared to ZEE. I felt as though the duo let it all out on the stage Wednesday night. They brought good music, high energy and out-of-this-world visuals that made them stand out from other musical groups. 

Lights and live visuals.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

The fun continued as night became morning, and fans showed no signs of wanting to stop. The Trance End Tour turned Aisle 5 into a wild Wednesday night. 

The multimedia experience brought high energy into ZEE's show.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

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